Going Troppo over Cocco!

Posted on November 10, 2015 by Linda Hutchings

The Italian designed Bombata Cocco laptop bags are the same design as the Classic cases, but feature a faux reptile finish for extra style.

Super durable and comfortable to carry, the Cocco cases provide chic and robust protection for your laptop.

With the exciting 'crocco' vinyl finish and the trademark Bombata silicon handles, the Cocco Bombata case contains a range of pockets for all the extra bits and bobs you need for your work day or trip. 

This cruelty-free material is perfect for vegans and animal lovers - as well as style maestros!

The classic Cocco laptop case is available in two sizes - the 15" Bombata Cocco laptop bag  and the 13" Bombata Cocco laptop case

The fantastic Cocco laptop backpacks also come in 13" and 15" sizes! 

Order online now for delivery across Australia and New Zealand!