Laptop cases for men - Bombata colour and professional style

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Linda Hutchings

Men's laptop cases are famously boring and bland.

Look around any office and you will see bulky nylon laptop bags or if you are lucky, leather laptop cases in black or grey.

Men are not responsible for this dearth of imagination and colour - tradition has dictated that businessmen wear somber colours and unremarkable styles, and that their laptop cases follow suit. 

Try telling that to the go-getters, entrepreneurs and creative types working in the thriving cities of Australia and New Zealand today!

Professional men are ready for a splash of colour, and lashings of style.

Enter Bombata's range of Italian laptop cases for men including the Classic and Cocco styles. 

Perfect for men on the move, these laptop cases are ideal for men in all walks of life from graphic designers who want slim-line laptop cases in bright colours to protect and showcase the tools of their trade; to corporate warriors who select a Classic laptop case in navy or a Cocco laptop bag in charcoal.

Bombata laptop bags for men even look perfectly at home on a large manly motorbike - in black, of course!

The Aviatore offers a stylish and extremely useful laptop trolley bag for men who travel overnight for business, or like lawyers, carry more bulky materials for work.

Or, a backpack might be more your style. No problem. Bombata laptop backpack cases are great for men on the move.

Whatever your style, career or device size from laptops to iPads, Bombata has a more interesting choice of cases for men with panache! 


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